1. What is Megaton Finance?

Megaton Finance is the first autonomous financial protocol on the TON network that offers revenue-generating opportunities such as swaps and pair deposits. Users can provide liquidity within the protocol and trade various tokens on TON network. Megaton Finance has built an environment where various blockchain assets can be utilized within the TON ecosystem by utilizing Orbit Bridge, the global top seven bridges developed by Ozys.

2. What does Megaton Finance offer?

Megaton Finance V1 offers three main features: WTON Gateway, Swap, and Pair Deposit.

  • WTON Gateway With WTON Gateway, users can use assets linked to TON coin in smart contracts on networks like Etherium and Polygon.

  • Swap Metagon Finance allows users to trade Jetton standard tokens based on the liquidity pool. The token exchange equation is based on the Uniswap v2 AMM equation, x + y = k. Slippage occurs when tokens are exchanged.

  • Pair Deposit Megaton Finance users can deposit assets in various pools and receive LP tokens as proof. LP tokens received represent my share (%) of the pool. Megaton Finance Products Detailed Description

3. How does Megaton Finance work?

Megaton Finance is an automated market maker that operates based on a liquidity pool run by smart contracts. The liquidity pool created by Megaton Finance consists of two tokens, such as WTON, ETH, USDT, etc. The base price for each token is automatically adjusted using the Uniswap v2 AMM equation (x * y = k), allowing traders to buy or sell tokens without a counterparty.

4. Why are all Megaton Finance pairs created based on WTON?

As the TON network is still under development, Megaton Finance V1's liquidity pools are based on WTON. Upon completion of the TON blockchain, we will introduce Megaton Finance V2, which will support the routing of tokens like Uniswap V2.

5. Who developed Megaton Finance?

As a developer and operator of DeFi protocols such as KLAYswap and Meshswap, OZYS has achieved world-class TVL and MAU. Based on this experience, we plan to launch TON's user-friendly DEX on TON ecosystem.

6. What is MEGA token?

Due to the decentralized, trustless nature of Megaton Finance's protocol, every decision is made by governance instead of an operator. Mega, a governance token, was issued for this reason. Governance and pool voting are not yet included in Megaton Finance V1, but they will be in V2.

7. How can I obtain MEGA?

Megaton Finance MEGA can be obtained in three ways:

  • Liquidity pool Earn MEGA tokens as rewards by providing liquidity to the liquidity pool.

  • TON starter Earn MEGA tokens by participating in Tonstarter's token incentive program.

8. What were the initial issuance and final distribution amount of MEGA tokens?

Initial MEGA token issuance is 1,000,000, and final token distribution is 100,000,000. Visit the provided link for more information on tokenomics.

Check MEGA tokenomics

9. What features will be updated after the release of Megaton Finance?

Future Megaton Finance services will include MEGA staking, leverage farming, governance, and long/short position deposits. We are also developing a Telegram chatbot to introduce Telegram users to the TON ecosystem and simplify their use of Megaton Finance's key functions.

10. Is Megaton Finance audited?

In order to minimize the risk factors of the Megaton Finance contract where various assets will be deposited, we received an audit from CertiK, a world-class audit company. You can find the audit report conducted by CertiK at the provided link.

Shortcut for CertiK Audit Reports

11. What are some wallets supported by Megaton Finance?

Megaton Finance will support two wallets at launch, TON Wallet and TonHub. Future plans include Tonkeeper support, along with Tonic and OpenMask, which are the most similar to Metamask in terms of user experience.

12. Can Megaton Finance leverage assets from other blockchains?

Megaton Finance has created an environment that allows blockchain assets to be used within the TON ecosystem through the use of Orbit Bridge, a global top 7 bridge developed by Ozys. Megaton Finance now allows users to use assets based on Polygon, Ethereum, Klayton, BNB, and HECO. In order to maximize the use of blockchain assets within Megaton Finance, we plan to expand the influence of Orbit Bridge and related protocols.

13. How do I create a pool?

Ozys generates pools for Megaton Finance. Therefore, general users cannot create a pool, but foundations can apply to create one. The process for creating a pool is as follows:

  • Foundations apply for Megaton Finance's pool generation

  • Ozys creates liquidity pools within Megaton Finance and provides links for the foundation to provide liquidity

  • Upon confirmation that the foundation has provided liquidity, the pool will be displayed on the Megaton Finance front.

14. Can I verify the transaction immediately?

When a token balance changes in Megaton Finance, a notification appears in the upper right corner, but the results are not immediately visible. To check the token balance altered by a transaction, use Megaton Finance's MyAsset menu. In addition to future V2 updates, we will work on improving usability.

15. What is the process of pending and claim?

If you have deposited token A but not token B, you can either withdraw it in the Pending tab or deposit only B token.

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