Deposit LP (Yield Farm)

  1. Access Megaton Finance ( and click [Connect Wallet] to connect the TON wallet you want.

  1. After successfully connecting the TON-supported wallet, click the [Deposit] tab.

  1. Once you click the [Deposit] button on the top menu, you can check the list of various pairs. You can easily find a liquidity pool by searching for the token or symbol name of the asset you want to deposit. Click [Manage] in the pool list to enter the detail page.

  1. Once you enter the A token amount in the [Deposit] menu, the B token amount required to deposit together is automatically input. At this time, you can check the details related to the deposit at the bottom of the screen. You must proceed with depositing assets after fully understanding the changes that may occur during the deposit process. All displayed information is real-time estimated information, and differences may occur during the actual deposit process.

Please Note:

  • Exchange Rate: You can check the current price of the two assets within Megaton Finance.

  • Share Ratio in Pool: You can check your expected stake ratio when depositing the entered asset based on the current pool size.

  • Daily Reward: Based on the MEGA distribution yield of the current pool, you can check the amount of MEGA to be distributed for one day when depositing the entered asset.

  • Exchange Rate Range: Deposits are made only within ±1% of the token exchange rate (price) displayed on the current page. The token exchange rate (price) may fluctuate as other participants deposit and withdraw from the pool. In this case, it is possible to prevent deposits in the pool at a token price that the user did not expect. The user must proceed with depositing assets after sufficiently familiarizing himself with the range of fluctuations.

  1. After checking the details, click the [Deposit] button. Deposit tokens corresponding to each pair in turn (two transactions required in total).

  1. You can check it in the [My deposit] area after your deposit completion. You can get the reward in real-time after the deposit completion.

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