TON Network

TON (The Open Network) is a fast, secure, and highly scalable blockchain network that is user-friendly and capable of processing millions of transactions per second. The TON network plays a role in hosting and providing various Dapp services like a supercomputer. Ozys aims to create an AMM-based DEX on the TON Network ecosystem, which has excellent performance and a huge community. Ozys has developed and operated DeFi protocols such as KLAYswap and Meshswap to achieve world-class TVL and MAU and will build a user-friendly DEX based on the experience accumulated so far on the TON Network. In addition to decentralized exchange, we plan to add various financial services such as leverage farming, governance, and depositing long/short positions.


  • 55,000 TPS (Transactions per second)

  • Block time 5 seconds

  • Time - to - finality 6 seconds or less

  • Supports up to 260 shardchains per workchain

Orbit Bridge

Megaton Finance seeks to expand the TON ecosystem through the Orbit Bridge, a global top 7 bridge developed by Ozys. Orbit Bridge is a robust cross-chain bridge that has recorded more than 800,000 transactions, a total volume of over $12 billion, and a TVL of over $200 million without a single hacking accident. Orbit Bridge currently supports over 80 assets including ETH, USDT, and USDC on over 15 different chains including Ethereum, Klaytn, BNB, HECO, Stacks, Ripple, and more.

Orbit Bridge builds a decentralized system where decentralized entities such as Ozys, Ground X, and DSRV achieve consensus on-chain through Trustless and Secure Multiple-Signature Verification while building a fast consensus process based on smart contracts. Through the stable and highly scalable Orbit Bridge, Megaton Finance can import and utilize major assets such as BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI, and XRP on various chains including Ethereum.

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