Tokenomics (Current)


We created a Community Liquidity Treasury pool to enhance MEGA’s value. The Community Liquidity Treasury will receive 70% of the inflation, and the other pools will receive the remaining 30%. We exclusively use the MEGA distributed to the treasury for users and MEGA token holders’ benefit. A few examples of MEGA’s usage include MEGA staking incentive programs, events, and promotions.


Megaton Finance is a capital hub for blockchain. It contributes to the public-friendly blockchain ecosystem establishment for TON and promotes on-chain liquidity by providing various incentives for users.

At the moment, Megaton Finance uses the following two methods to vitalize the community and liquidity supply. First, all transaction fees generated by liquidity pools are returned to users. Second, when assets are deposited in a liquidity pool, MEGA tokens are distributed as an incentive based on the depositor’s stake in each liquidity pool. Early on, Megaton Finance achieved the anticipated results in maximizing user participation and promoting a decentralized financial service but has also encountered some limitations. Considering the current market conditions and mid-to-long-term sustainability of Megaton Finance, we devised a policy that would add diversity to the community’s incentive structure. As well as offering MEGA incentives to liquidity providers, the main objective is to attract new users and strengthen the community.

This proposal lays the foundation for establishing the policy mentioned above. We will continue to award MEGA incentives to all liquidity pools within Megaton Finance; however, the ratio will be lowered from 100% to 30%. The remaining 70% will go to the newly created Community Liquidity Treasury. Community Liquidity Treasury’s primary objective is to aid Megaton Finance’s long-term growth, so the MEGA distributed to the pool is used solely for the benefit of Megaton Finance users and MEGA holders. Thus, Megaton Finance can serve as a medium to boost MEGA token value while remaining true to its original function as a representative DEX of the TON ecosystem.

Currently, the Megaton Finance team is preparing a MEGA Staking Incentive Program so that liquidity providers and MEGA holders can both become significant contributors to Megaton Finance. This program will have both quantitative and qualitative effects as the number of MEGA holders and MEGA value increases. This policy will most likely benefit MEGA holders who are loyal to Megaton Finance. And in the long run, users who provide liquidity to Megaton Finance will also benefit from the trickle-down effect.

The purpose of creating a Community Liquidity Treasury is to facilitate business cooperation and maximize user benefits. In other words, MEGA distributed to the treasury is not directly allocated to partners but is used to convert their users to Megaton Finance users. Megaton Finance Liquidity Treasury was named to emphasize its priority is the Megaton Finance community and that MEGAs are not used for joint marketing activities such as airdrops. In the future, we will introduce various content to Megaton Finance, including P2E games like Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms and other DeFi projects. For continued use of MEGA tokens within the partner community in the future, the Megaton Finance team plans to diversify its partnership with its partners. A portion of the liquidity treasury will also be allocated to MEGA Staking Community members as membership rewards, and the system will be structured to reflect MEGA holders’ contributions significantly.

MEGA Mining Amount

The total daily mining amount of MEGA is 18,750 MEGA and 0.217013889 MEGA is(are) issued per second. Please refer to MEGA Allocation.


Distribution by block

0.217013889 MEGA

MEGA mining per day

18,750 MEGA *Community Liquidity Pools: 5,625 *Community Liquidity Treasury: 13,125

The effect of reducing distribution through halving

‌The halving slows down MEGA inflation by reducing the number of MEGA distributed per block. Please check for MEGA Allocation for detailed inflation plans.

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