WTON Gateway

WTON is the first Jetton standard token supported 1:1 with the Toncoin within the TON Network. The Jetton Token Standard defines how tokens are transferred within the TON network and how to keep a consistent record of transfers between tokens.

The purpose of the release of the asset linked with the TON token is 1) due to the nature of the TON network, which is based on the TON token, it cannot implement various functions based on the smart contract itself, and 2) an ecosystem outside of TON (ex. Ethereum, Polygon, etc.) to directly use TON tokens.

In other words, TON tokens must be ‘wrapped’ with Jetton tokens through the WTON Gateway to be utilized in various functions based on smart contracts. WTON, which has the flexibility of the Zetton standard, solves the interoperability problem of the TON network, broadening the scope of use of TON, the key currency of the TON blockchain network. Through WTON Gateway, users can use assets linked to TON tokens in smart contracts on networks such as Ethereum and Polygon.

How to convert TON to WTON through the WTON Gateway

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