Yield Farm

Providing Liquidity and LP Token

A liquidity pool is a collection of digital assets held in smart contracts and plays a key role in the operation of decentralized exchanges. Users can deposit their assets in various pools on the Megaton Finance and receive LP Tokens as proof of this. The number of LP Tokens received represents my share of the total pool (%). ex) If you deposit $10,000 in the WTON-oUSDT pool in Megaton Finance, each $5,000 worth of assets will be added to the pool in a 50:50 ratio between WTON and oUSDT. The number of LP tokens is equal to the number of WTON, and based on this, the share (%) is calculated.


  • MEGA distribution rewards If you provide liquidity to the MEGA reward pool, you will receive MEGA mining rewards according to your LP stake in the pool.

  • Transaction fee rewards If you supply liquidity to the liquidity pool, you will be compensated for trading fees according to your LP stake in the pool. The transaction fee is accumulated in the pool, and you can withdraw it including the fee according to the exchange rate at the time of withdrawal.

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