MEGA Staking


Staking MEGA reduces the inflation of MEGA circulating in the market, increasing the token's value and trustworthiness. Upon distribution of MEGA in the staking menu, an NFT is minted to your wallet as proof of stake.

Holding NFTs entitles users to a variety of benefits, including exclusive events and membership rewards for staking participants. Once the mandatory lockup period for holding NFTs has passed, they can be unstaked and claimed. The NFTs will be automatically burned, and users will receive their staked principal and interest back. You can also choose not to unstake after the expiration date and continue to enjoy the benefits of membership.

Staking participants play an important role in Megaton Finance as they are the most trusted and direct supporters of MEGA. Megaton Finance will continue to offer various benefits for staking participants.


A proof of stake, known as an NFT, is issued in limited quantities and is divided into eight tiers. The issue volume, MEGA staking requirement, and APR (*6 months) are all different for each tier, so it is important to choose the right tier for staking. Users can also stake multiple slots in one wallet regardless of staking tiers. Lockup periods are calculated from the time users start staking. Users can claim staked MEGA and interest at maturity after the lockup period has passed.

Staking Structure

Users will receive the following membership benefits while staking.

  • Access to exclusive Staking Member events

  • Staking member-only Airdrops

  • Exclusive staking community membership (coming soon)

  • Enjoy Game zone special items (coming soon)


When 180 days have passed since staking, users can unstake to receive their principal and interest in a lump sum. NFTs that have been unstaked after expiration will expire, and users will receive their staked principal and interest in a lump sum. In the event users do not unstake after expiration, they will continue to receive membership benefits.

Early Termination

After 31 days of staking, users can unstake. On day 31 through day 150, a penalty is applied as a deduction (linear reduction) from the staked principal. No interest will be paid upon early termination, and the principal amount will be returned minus the unstaking fee.

NFT Trade

Secondary trading of NFTs between users is available on the TON NFT marketplace Getgems. NFTs listed on the marketplace will not appear on Megaton Finance, and they cannot be unstaked or terminated.

Staking Policy Details

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