Tokenomics (-August 31st 2023 03:00 UTC)

MEGA is a reward given to ecosystem participants and serves as a strong incentive to secure more liquidity in Megaton Finance. It provides meaningful liquidity-based transactions and more financial opportunities through token economy structures that enable efficient distribution and value maximization of limited MEGA resources.‌

MEGA Mining Amount

The total daily mining amount of MEGA is 18,750 MEGA and 0.217013889 MEGA is(are) issued per second. Please refer to MEGA Allocation.


Distribution by block

0.217013889 MEGA

MEGA mining per day

18,750 MEGA

The effect of reducing distribution through halving

‌The halving slows down MEGA inflation by reducing the number of MEGA distributed per block. Please check for MEGA Allocation for detailed inflation plans.

Allocation (-August 31st 2023 03:00 UTC)

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