Megaton Finance
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Megaton Finance

Today's blockchain ecosystem is fragmented and has an ecosystem based on cultural diversity. TON (The Open Network) is also one of the fragmented blockchain ecosystems and has continued to remain isolated. Megaton Finance is a link that can overcome the isolated TON blockchain ecosystem and expand to Layer 1, such as Ethereum, the most active blockchain.
Megaton Finance is the first autonomous financial protocol on the TON network that provides yield farming opportunities such as swaps and yield farms. Users can now use TON (Toncoin), previously unavailable on the TON Network in Megaton Finance. Megaton Finance has a structure that combines the AMM (Automated Market Maker) DEX business model prevalent in the DeFi ecosystem, the scalable multi-chain economy, and the unique characteristics of the TON network.
  • AMM Mechanism AMM is an innovative trading mechanism that has changed the way of cryptocurrency trading on-chain. Instead of the buy/sell order book method, participants can trade freely through liquidity pools created by liquidity providers, and liquidity providers can earn trading fees generated from the liquidity pool as profits according to their liquidity contributions.
  • Megaton Finance Multichain Token Economy The Autonomous Finance Protocol originated from KLAYswap, the largest AMM DEX on the Klaytn chain. KLAYswap's MAU has exceeded 1 million, and TVL is a proven global protocol that reached $2.1 billion last year. The multi-chain token economy is a strategy that leverages the users and abundant liquidity of well-established KLAYswap and Meshswap to rapidly increase the network dominance of the new protocol. Each protocol linked by the multi-chain token economy creates various reward opportunities through token economy convergence based on a wide user pool and liquidity that transcends chains. Additionally, through these rewards, we expand the TON network ecosystem by continuously distributing rewards to Megaton Finance users.
  • Increase TON Utilization by Establishing Basic Infrastructure TON, the key currency of the TON network can be converted into WTON, a form of wrapped token, through the WTON Gateway and used in various blockchains. In addition, various liquid assets such as ETH, USDT, USDC, MATIC, and KLAY can be transferred to the TON network through Orbit Bridge, a cross-chain bridge. Based on the secured liquidity, you can generate profits by using functions such as swap and pair deposit in Megaton Finance. Conversely, you can utilize TON on other blockchains DeFi such as KLAYswap and Meshswap.
Megaton Finance awaits your participation.
For those who want to experience DeFi in the TON network but have had difficulty participating due to its low accessibility and being unfamiliar with how it works, we expect that you will be able to experience and enjoy DeFi easily with the launch of Megaton Finance.
Megaton Finance is not just an AMM mechanism protocol that provides revenue. We expect that Megaton Finance will become the gateway to Web 3.0 through continued upgrades and integration with Telegram in the future.
We look forward to your participation and the various DeFi protocols that will be created in the TON network with the start of Megaton Finance.